Asbestos Awareness Course

Created by Hazard Management

Affordable & Accessible

Our online asbestos awareness course is only $75 and is available 24/7 from all mobile devices.​

Industry Targeted

Qualified professionals have developed this course using the latest industry standards.​

Assessment Based Learning

On successful completion, each student will be awarded a completion certificate.​

Why take the course?

Inhaling asbestos fibres can cause serious health risks. Asbestos materials in a poor or damaged condition have a higher risk of releasing fibres into the air. People often expose themselves to asbestos fibres by disturbing materials they did not know contained asbestos. By completing the course you will be more aware of the asbestos dangers around your home and workplace.


Our awareness course aims to help you understand:

  • where asbestos can be found, and
  • what to do if you suspect it is present during normal work or refurbishment projects.


This course will give you insights into the history of asbestos, and:

  • the reasons products contained asbestos,
  • the different asbestos products,
  • the associated health risks,
  • the steps to take in an emergency, and
  • your legal responsibilities.

Certificate of Completion

At the end of the course you will complete a questionnaire. Achieve a 60% pass mark and you will receive a certificate of

Why Hazard Management?

We understand people’s fear around the dangers of asbestos. This course has been designed by experienced asbestos assessors using best practice guideline to ease your concerns. The team at Hazard Management are qualified and experienced professionals within the industry, ranging from licensed asbestos assessors to supervisors in the management and removal of asbestos materials.

How to take the course

Click on the enrol button. Then add the course to your shopping cart and fill out your details, as you would with any online purchase. You will then be redirected to the course.

awareness course

Online Asbestos Awareness Course

Having knowledge of asbestos materials and the areas to find them will help keep you, your family, your staff and your clients safe and potentially save you thousands of dollars.